TMS FCCLA Officer 2022-2023

Trenton Middle School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) hosted a banquet on Thursday, April 7, 2022 with around 80 people in attendance.  

This banquet was a time to celebrate all the accomplishments our chapter has had this past school year.  Current officers welcomed and served supper.  They served alfredo, breadsticks, salad and Texas sheet cake.  

Ali and Laylah Clause, current president and vice president respectively, welcomed guests and kicked the evening off.  After dinner, two STAR Event groups shared their presentations. Laylah Clause and Ali Cox presented their "Repurpose and Redesign" project, and Caleb Shell and Caleb Ray shared their project for the Food Innovations STAR event.  Shell and Ray will be taking their presentation to San Diego, California this summer.  

Awards were given by Graeme Sager and Sarai Birkhead, current officers, to those who had competed in both the Region 2 STAR Events and the STATE STAR Event Competition.  Ali Cox and Laylah Clause received a Silver rating at state. Titus Kottwitz received Gold at State and a High Scorer for the State of MO trophy.   Caleb Ray and Caleb Shell received Gold Rating at State.  Titus Kottwitz and Caleb Ray and Caleb Shell qualified to go to the National STAR Event Competition.  Caleb Ray and Caleb Shell have opted to take this adventure on.  We wish them the best of luck as they represent TMS in such a major way!  

The evening concluded with the installment of new officers.  All old officers including Ali Cox- President, Laylah Clause- Vice President of Members, Logan Roberts- Vice President of STAR Events, Kinsely Otto- Vice President of Community Service, Graeme Sager- Treasurer and Sarai Birkhead- Secretary participated in the candle lighting ceremony where the 8 purposes of FCCLA were recognized.  

Following the candle lighting ceremony new officers were installed for the 2022-2023 school year for the TMS FCCLA Chapter.  New officers will include Sage Foster- President, Graeme Sager and Sarai Birkhead- Vice Presidents, and Claire Woodard, Drake Weaver, and Brooklyn Farris as council members.  

We are thankful for all that our chapter has been able to accomplish this year and are  excited about what next year holds for TMS FCCLA.  

Included is a picture of the old and new officers.  Pictured left to right, back row: Sage Foster, Sarai Birkhead, Graeme Sager, Logan Roberts, Laylah Clause, Kinsely Otto, Ali Cox.  Left to right, front row: Claire Woodard, Brooklyn Farris, Drake Weaver.

-Ms. Joy Bettis, TMS FCCLA Advisor