Select THS band and choir students went to Central High School in St. Joseph, MO on Saturday to perform solos and ensembles at District Music Contests. These  Solos/Ensembles received either a 1 (Exemplary) or 2 (Outstanding) Rating. These students will perform at State Solo and Small Ensemble Contest in Columbia on April 29th.

Band students who received an Exemplary Rating:
Mari Atup, Flute Solo
Connor Campbell, Clarinet Solo
Trager Leeper, Trumpet Solo
Brett Kennedy, Clarinet Solo
Josh Truitt ,Tuba Solo
Clarinet Quartet (Connor Campbell, Shayla Chapman, Brett Kennedy, Shelby Williams)

Band students who received an Outstanding Rating:
Shayla Chapman Clarinet Solo
Shelby Williams Clarinet Solo
Caleb Campbell Trombone Solo
Victor Markell Trombone Solo
Flute Quartet (Mari Atup, Maurissa Bonta, Jacole Simpson, Sofia Currie)
Mallet Trio (Jaica Clark, Tayler Morton, Lydia Leininger)

Choir students who received an Exemplary Rating:
Trager Leeper, Vocal Solo
Katie Markell, Vocal Solo
Trent Villacampa, Vocal Solo
Mari Atup, Vocal Solo
Caleb Campbell, Vocal Solo

Women's Sextet: Mari Atup, Alaina Overton, Jillian Simpson, Astrid Soriano, Jaica Clark, Katie Markell
Mixed Double Quartet: Mari Atup, Jillian Simpson, Maurissa Bonta, Jaica Clark, Connor Campbell, Trent Villacampa, Trager Leeper, Caleb Johnson

Choir Students who received an Outstanding rating: 
Astrid Soriano, Vocal Solo
Caleb Johnson, Vocal Solo
Connor Campbell, Vocal Solo
Jaica Clark, Vocal Solo
Jillian Simpson, Vocal Solo
Makayla Hamilton, Vocal Solo
Maurissa Bonta, Vocal Solo
Morgan King, Vocal Solo
Sofia Currie, Vocal Solo
Trey Guerrero, Vocal Solo
Victor Markell, Vocal Solo

Women's Sextet: Faith Lee, Sofia Currie ,Lydia Leininger, Kate Clark, Brett Kennedy, Morgan King

Men's Double Quartet: Noah Wecker, Jonin Villacampa, Levi Johnson,Tayler Morton, Victor Markell, Conlton Hammond, Trey Guerrero, Ronnie Woods, Frankie Halstead

Men's Quartet: Connor Campbell, Trent Villacampa, Trager Leeper, Caleb Johnson

Congratulations to all these students and to Mr. Busick, Mr. Webb, and Mrs. Bonta for all their hard work.