Bulldog Bark

Bulldog Bark

By: Tara Hoffman, Director of Special Services

Trenton R-IX School District is fortunate to have an outstanding preschool program to provide students with the essential concepts for kindergarten readiness. The preschool is a free pre-kindergarten program. It is open to children who are ages three and four by August 1st, and reside in the Trenton R-IX School District. Preschool is a half-day program with children attending five days a week.Children are provided daily snacks and transportation at no cost to the family. We are still accepting new enrollments so call (660) 359-2003 for enrollment information. According to Kindergarten teachers “Students that attend Trenton R-IX preschool for 2 years are more socially and academically prepared for Kindergarten.” This is due to the dedication of our teachers Jessica Golden, Colbi Kirk, Cara Leininger, Anna Muselman and Emily Voorhies. Allow me to introduce the early childhood teachers at the Trenton R-IX Preschool.

Jessica Golden is a teacher in a 4 year old classroom. This is currently her second year teaching in the district. She and her husband Jason reside in Trenton with their two children, Chance and Julianne. Outside of work Ms. Jessica enjoys spending time with family and friends. Ms. Jessica states, “I love working in a district where we are proud of our faculty, students, and staff. This District strives to provide for, encourage, educate, and love every child that walks through these doors. We promote parent involvement, and encourage parents to interact in many school activities. This District is more than your typical school system, it is a community that truly has your child's best interest at heart. It is important for young children to attend preschool, because it gives them the foundations they need to begin Kindergarten. Not only is your child getting a strong foundation in literacy and math, but an understanding of our school rules and expectations. Being able to give these children a sense of security, and a passion for learning is our main priority."

Colbi Kirk is a 3 year old Preschool Teacher, currently her eighth year in the district. She is a proud THS alum. She and her husband Jeremy reside in Laredo with their two sons, Ryeland and Mason.  Outside of the classroom Ms. Colbi enjoys fishing, boating, camping, and anything else outdoors! Ms. Colbi stated “I love working at the Trenton R-IX School District because I am able to contribute back to the same community that raised me as a child. Once a bulldog, always a bulldog! Preschool is the first building block in a child's education. Students at the Trenton R-IX Preschool are exposed to many different academic skills. Along with these academic skills, students are also practicing positive social and emotional skills helping them to interact with other children. All of these skills combined are preparing our students and setting them up for success throughout their entire education.”

 Cara Leininger is a preschool teacher in a 4 year old classroom.  This is her tenth year in the district. Cara & her husband, Shawn, are both alumni of THS.  They are the parents of three children, Eli and Ella, also THS alumni and Lydia is an 8th grader at TMS.  Outside of the classroom Ms. Cara enjoys reading, baking, antique shopping, watching movies & taking long walks. Ms. Cara stated “I have had the unique opportunity to experience this district as a student first, spending all of my K-12 years here.  The reason I teach is because I’m still inspired by a great early childhood teacher I had when I was a young student in this district. She made a difference in my life, so I understand that what I do every single day truly matters. The R-9 district recognizes the value of early childhood education and the importance it plays in the success of the student.  I love being a part of such a supportive team. I believe it is so important for children to attend preschool because, for most children, it provides their initial exposure to school and sets the tone for their educational career. It’s a great opportunity to get kids off on the right foot.”

Anna Muselman is a preschool teacher in a 3 year old classroom. She is currently in her ninth year in the Trenton R9 District. She resides in Trenton with her husband Shawn and two children, Robert and Sadie. Outside of work, Ms. Anna enjoys spending time with her family. Ms. Anna stated “I absolutely love the students and staff that I work with.  They are one of my biggest blessings. Preschool is a great foundation to a student’s education. It helps them become better prepared and comfortable with the school environment in a fun, loving manner.”

 Emily Voorhies is a preschool teacher in a 4 year old classroom, currently in her third year as a bulldog! She and her husband Mike have 2 daughters, Jillian,13, and Addison, 9. Outside of work, Ms. Emily enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and learning new things. Ms. Emily stated “Trenton is my hometown, there's no place I'd rather be! Our district has a great staff and awesome students and families. Preschool is a great way to introduce children to school while not overwhelming them. It is never too early to help a child develop a passion for learning! That's my job - how lucky am I?!”

Our preschool team wouldn’t be complete without the amazing support from our paraprofessionals; Laurie Bonta, Jonine Jaycox, Tammy Miller, Gina Rorebeck, and Amanda Spears. These ladies go above and beyond to ensure the preschool classrooms run smoothly! The combination of these professional experiences makes for a strong education team. Their passion and love for education and students make them outstanding educators that I am honored to work with!