Bulldog Bark - 9/9/19

By: Tiffany Otto

It is my honor to spotlight 5 new teachers at S.M. Rissler Elementary School this year. They are Angela Wagner, Caitlin McNabb, Samantha Baldwin, Amanda Tatum and Marcie Stegman. 

Angela Wagner is a former Trenton R-IX graduate that is serving as a Kindergarten teacher for the district. She has been teaching at Gilman City School District for the past 12 years. Some of Mrs. Wagner’s favorite hobbies include playing golf, ranger rides with her family and walking. When asked what Mrs. Wagner loves about teaching, she responded that she loves when students are having fun doing a lesson and don’t even realize how much they are learning from the activity. Her hope is that students know that she cares about them and their education, and wants them to feel happy and safe in her classroom so they can learn as much a possible. 

Caitlin McNabb is a first year teacher from Graceland University that is serving as a Kindergarten teacher for the district. She is a former Trenton R-IX graduate and is excited to be back in her hometown. Miss McNabb loves watching her students form a positive classroom community and work together to become successful  in her class and in the community outside of school. One thing Miss McNabb would like parents and students to know is how important it is to always be kind, that they can always count on her and expect kindness from her as the teacher. In a world where students can be anything, she hopes that they will always be kind. Outside of school, you can find Miss McNabb golfing, gardening, bow hunting, building, fishing or being outside.

Samantha Baldwin is also a first year teacher from Northwest Missouri State University, and is a 1st grade teacher with Trenton R-IX. Some of her favorite hobbies include going to the lake, enjoying the sunshine, decorating and listening to music. Miss Baldwin, when asked about what she loves about teaching, replied “building amazing relationships with students.” One of the most important things Miss Baldwin hopes students learn from her is to be creative and always be themselves. 

Amanda Tatum is a 2nd grade teacher and former Trenton R-IX graduate. She has been teaching for the past 6 years at Grundy R-V School district and is excited to return to Bulldog country. When asked what she loves about teaching, Mrs. Tatum replied “I love watching students grow academically and socially throughout the year. Everyday is a new and exciting day.” One of the most important things she hopes her students learn from her is to not only learn academically, but also to learn how to be a respectful and compassionate student. Mrs. Tatum hopes students learn that is okay to fail; failing doesn’t mean quitting, but to get up and keep trying. Practice makes perfect!

Marcie Stegman comes to Trenton R-IX as a 3rd grade teacher from Cimarron Elementary in Cimarron, Kansas where she served as a 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Stegman completed her Master’s of Arts in Teaching at Kansas State University and has 12 years of combined experience in elementary education. Some of her favorite hobbies include baking, sewing, crafts and walking each morning. She enjoys spending time, attending sporting events and traveling with her college-age children, her husband and other family. Mrs. Stegman loves seeing the “Aha” moments when students work diligently to grasp a concept they have struggled with, and likes to work with students to see their progress in the classroom and life skills. One of the most important things Mrs. Stegman wants her students to learn is how to set goals and work to meet those goals in the classroom and in their lives. Her goal is for students to become a community of learners in the classroom as they build relationships with their peers and adults in the building.

We are very excited to welcome each of these new teachers to Trenton and S.M. Rissler Elementary! If you get the opportunity to meet one of them, please make sure to welcome them to our community.