TMS Standards Referenced Grading

August 11, 2021


Dear TMS Family,


Trenton Middle School will be making the exciting change to a new grading approach known as “Standards Referenced Grading”.  We have been piloting the program during the last four school years and believe that this grading approach can benefit students, teachers, and parents/guardians.


Standards referenced grading shows how students are performing on a set of clearly defined learning targets called standards. The purpose of standards-based grading is to identify what a student knows, or is able to do, as opposed to simply averaging grades/scores over the course of a grading period, which can mask what a student has learned, or not learned, in a specific course. A standards referenced grading system measures a student’s mastery of grade-level standards by prioritizing the most recent, consistent level of performance. Thus, a student who may have struggled at the beginning of a course, when first encountering new material, may still be able to demonstrate mastery of key content/concepts by the end of a grading period.


A student’s performance on a series of assessments will be used to determine a student’s overall grade in a course. Practice assignments are just that, practice, and should serve primarily as a source of feedback and instructional support for both students and teachers. Scores on practice assignments should not be used as a major component of a student’s academic grade. Teachers may require students to complete all of their practice work prior to allowing them to take, or retake, an assessment.  The chart below shows how students will be scored.


4 – The student demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the material by completing advanced applications of the material.


3.5 – In addition to a 3.0 score, the student demonstrates in-depth inferences and applications with partial success.


3 – The student demonstrates proficiency in the complex, targeted knowledge and skills for the class.


2.5 – In addition to a 2.0 score, the student demonstrates partial knowledge of 3.0 elements.


2 – The student understands the foundational material, but is still working to master application of the concepts and skills


1.5 – The student demonstrates understanding of all 2.0 elements with help and independent understanding of some 2 elements.


1 – The student is able to demonstrate an understanding of all of the foundational material with support


0.5 – The student demonstrates understanding of some 2.0 elements.


0 – Even with assistance from the teacher, the student shows no understanding of the material.






If you have any questions or would like further information please feel free to contact your student's  teachers, or Mr. Gott at Trenton Middle School 660-359-4328.






Daniel Gott


Trenton Middle School