Yearbook Archives

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for visiting this webpage that was created as a project to earn my Gold Award for Girl Scouts. I joined Daisy Troop 8081 in Trenton, Missouri in 2006, and over the past eleven years I have reached my Senior Scout statis. I am grateful for the leaders and mentors, who have made my past experience meaningful and all the Girl Scout Council members, community members, parents, and teachers working to help me achieve my top Girl Scout Award, the Gold Award.

Documenting local history is vital to preserve the culture and memory of any community. In a small town like Trenton, the school and the newspaper often provide the only recorded history. Fearing the lost of the history of Trenton Senior High School and after some inquiry from genealogy buffs, I made it a mission to work with the Trenton R9 School District to continue to preserve the yearbooks of Trenton High School as originally started by Nick Gass. My goal to achieve my Gold Award is to complete the archives, promote its public use, and administer a yearly plan to make sure each yearbook is entered into the archive. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Taya Ray, Technology Intergration Coach, for her time, talent, and wisdom, and Mrs. E'Lisha Gass, the School Librarian, for providing the yearbooks and the location to work. Lastly, Trenton High School Alumni Board, who is allowing me to promote the archived Tawana yearbooks at their yearly events and on their webpage.

E'Lizabeth Neal

The project is far from finished. You will notice there are many yearbooks we do not have as part of the school collection. Trenton High School library would gladly accept donations of Tawana yearbooks to be cataloged and preserved. Additionally, if any individual would be willing to loan the THS library a missing edition of the Tawana, library staff will scan, post, and return the Tawana. Contact THS at 660-359-2291 or send an email to egass@trentonr9.k12.mo.us.

I hope you find the website useful and informative.

E'Lizabeth Neal

Girl Scout Daisy Troup 8081, Trenton Missouri