Bulldog Bark (12/3/2018) - Kris Ockenfels

Bulldog Bark 12/3/18  Kris Ockenfels – Director of Supportive Services

                Each year, the district faces many challenges in dealing with winter weather.. At Trenton R-IX we have several policies and procedures to keep the winter season a safe and successful one for our students, staff, parents, and patrons.

                 There is always the chance of dismissing classes because of inclement weather. This means there is no school for the day, and usually comes with snow, ice, or extreme cold temperatures. The other options the district has to battle the elements are late starts and early dismissals. In each case, depending on the situation, students will attend school for part of the day. Transportation factors usually dictate these options, and the district and Apple Bus Company have to decide the best way to get kids to and from school in a safe manor. Extra-Curricular activities also play a role in the decisions made concerning inclement weather, and the student’s safety is always the first priority when deciding to hold games, contests, and practices after school hours.

                There are also things that the parents of the district can do to help battle the forces of nature during the winter season. Please dress your children according to the weather, and weather forecast. Warm, layered clothing goes a long way while waiting for the bus, or out on the playground. Listen to KTTN or use @TrentonBulldogs twitter for late starts and early dismissals, so your children can be at school at the appropriate times.

                The following is a list of guidelines to follow for inclement weather season. If you have any questions, feel free to call a building secretary, or the district office. Have a safe and warm holiday and winter season and Go Bulldogs!

                1.  Announcements concerning cancellations, early outs, late starts, and/or the use of hard surface bus routes will be made locally through KTTN, Republican Times, @TrentonBulldogs twitter, Facebook, Bulldog Alerts (text), and the Trenton R-IX App for mobile devices.  When time allows, announcements can also be found on Kansas City channels 4 and 5.

                2.  In the event of a late start, everything for grades k-12 is on a two hour delay.  School will begin at 10:00 am, and bus stops will be 2 hours later than normal.  On days with a late start, there will be no breakfast served.


                3. On early out days, there will be no after-school activities. Early out dismissals for weather usually happen from 11:00 – 1:00, and the district will provide transportation.


                4.  The preschool schedule will vary.  On late start days, there will be no morning sessions of preschool, but afternoon sessions will meet.  If playgroup is planned for a late start day, it will meet at 10:30.  On early out days, there will be no afternoon sessions of preschool.


                5.  In the event the district utilizes hard surface bus routes, they are available on the district website.