Bulldog Bark

S.M. Rissler Elementary has a new Bone Store that is better than ever!  The Bone Store is a store where students get to shop with the Bones they earn.  They earn these Bones by meeting BARK expectations.

This year Mrs. Rachel Lorenz, Mrs. Adriane Todd, and Coach David Sager, with the help of many others, have made many changes and improvements to the store.  One of these improvements is the location of the Bones Store. This year the store is located on the stage.

We have also have a Bone Store Crew helping in the Bone Store this year.  This crew is made up of 3rd Grade students that went through an application process, were selected, and signed a contract to be volunteer workers in the store.  They help other students count bones, select items they would like to buy, and track how many bones they spend. They also help keep the store stocked and organized.  They seem to really enjoy their responsibilities in the store.

The Bone Store also has new items this year.  There are many certificates available for purchase.  These certificates allow students opportunities to eat lunch with a friend of their choice, read to a student in a different grade level, say the pledge on the intercom during morning announcements, and so much more.  The students also have the ability to purchase small items such as slime, bracelets, pens, pencils, erasers, etc. We have been fortunate in the past to have many individuals and organizations donate some of these items to the store.  

Another new addition to the store this year is food items.  This has been a big hit with the older students. We would also like to add more items to continue to encourage school spirit and Bulldog pride such as Bulldog apparel and other black and gold items in the near future.