Bulldog Bark 8/27/18

Technology – The race without a finish line

Kris Ockenfels – Director of Supportive Services

                Maybe the most satisfying and terrifying thing about technology in the modern world is that it is like running a race without ever getting to the finish line. Every day the possibilities multiply with new technology, and keeping up can be a chore. When technology is added into the education process for our students and teachers it is no different. Each year, Trenton R-IX tries to provide technology as a resource for our students and staff to use to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. Some years it may be an update in software, a new server, new desktops, or new audio/visual equipment. This year, our new technology was an enormous overhaul of the way we present technology to our students, staff, parents, and community. The Technology Committee and the Technology Department, with the help of staff and administration, upgraded the district website, added online registration, added online payments (via PayPal), and added a mobile app. The “Welcome Mat’ to our district now is vastly improved with many new features, more user friendly, and ties our social media outlets and alert system together.

                The students and staff at Trenton R-IX still get the advantage of iPads and Google Classroom within a district wide WiFi network that is powered by a fiber network. Now, with the new website and app, the iPad will be an even more powerful tool for students to keep informed and perform to the best of their abilities. We hope the parents and patrons take some time to experience the new website and mobile app at Trenton R-IX. Along with them, SIS Parent Portal remains a great way to stay up-to-date on attendance, announcements, grades, lunch menus / lunch money, and iPad fees (which can be paid online now).

A sincere Thank You to all the people who helped bring all the new technology to life for the first day of school – especially Taya Ray, Lysander Overstreet, Joel Hultman, Shelby Bagley, Kasey Bailey, and Michael Taylor.

Trenton Technology Links – Look for the new Gold T

Trenton R-IX website: www.trentonr9.k12.mo.us

Mobile App available at App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (android) – “Trenton R-IX School District”

Bulldog Alert (thrillshare): https://goo.gl/forms/HFnhE4htEJXYRYMk2

SIS Parent Portal: https://sdm.sisk12.com/TN360/

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