Parents as Teachers

Parents As Teachers serves parents prenatal through kindergarten age. Our program is free to anyone residing in the Trenton R-9 District. The purpose of the program is to encourage and empower parents to be their child's first and most important teacher. We provide parent-child activities through personal home visits, group meetings and play groups. We also provide parents with developmental information so children are better prepared for school. Parents As Teachers offer yearly screening of overall development, language, hearing and vision. Screenings may be completed at your home or school in the preschool office.

Trenton R-9 uses the Parents As Teachers Foundation curriculum. This research based curriculum covers all four domains of development, with emphasis on increasing parents' knowledge of child development and focuses on parent-child activities that foster child development. The four domains covered include: cognitive, small and large motor development, social and emotional development and language.

For More Information Contact:

Marcia Gutshall Cell (660) 635-0030

Connie Hoffman Cell: (660) 359-1792