Online Registration

The Trenton R-IX School District will implement online school registration for students K-12 attending Rissler Elementary, Trenton Middle School, and Trenton High School during the upcoming 2018-19 school year. The online registration, done through the SIS Parent Portal, will take the place of the separate building registration done in the past. Parents and guardians will be able to conveniently complete necessary forms in a short time by entering in data on a series of SIS input screens.

-The link to the SIS online registration and instructions will be available on the school website.

-Online registration will be for current students only. NEW STUDENTS to the Trenton R-IX School District will be required to enroll in person at the building where the student will attend.

-If parents/guardians do not have an SIS Parent Portal account, they can sign up for one at the buildings beginning on August 1st.

-Families that cannot find computer/internet access will be able to complete the SIS Parent Portal and online registration process at the Back to School / Bright Futures event on August 9th at THS.